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Poem – Wandering The Path

Wandering the path with eyes closed I let myself find a way through this world with decreasing interference with less attachment to the things that mar the life being led and I think I can do this alone until I open my eyes and see you.

Poem – Wild

I now walk into the wild away from you and closer to the true being within, away from the falsehoods, and toward the truth. I now walk into the wild free of labels and expectations free of some grand design. I will remember you not for any moment or the almost kiss we shared but […]
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Random Thoughts

Fall has taken over Minnesota and what on average are the hottest days of the year, has become 50s and rain. A taste of early fall perhaps, and then a head-first plunge into winter, my favorite season. As I have written about before, cold weather, and in particular winter, is when awareness of ourself becomes […]
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Poem – Into the Wild

I stand… Atop the snow-covered mountain above the tree line the valley split and pocked by spring fed river. Miles in every direction other mountains rise to meet the cloud deck and beyond toward the sun, heaven. Into this space I have travelled following raw instinct and primal energy. Feelings deep within I do not […]
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