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Poem – Guided By Wolves

In the last dream of this life I watched the white wolf walk away. In the first dream of the next life I watched the black wolf emerge from still water. With my first step across the empty field I knew I was granted another life, more time complemented with the experiences and another chance […]
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Poem – What Matters Most in the Violent Waves

Thinking back on the past I see the signs and guides more clearly and with more openness than at the time. Thinking about where I am now I plan what future I want, the reach of my sphere of influence and the morals I must exhibit. What I question are the words thrown to the […]
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Signs, Direction, and Another Room

The lead-up to decisions, where the result impacts many people and is one of those moments where life changes direction, and the person years from now may not recognize the person now, is the most gut-wrenching moment swirling in self-doubt, a search for reasons, and a forced self-reflection. So much responsibility that borders on a […]
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