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Poem – Watching

The sleepy sun is just raising one eye when we walk onto the patio, one dog on each arm, into the cold morning with a thin layer of frost on the ground and the apple tree. Across the pond an oak tree has emerged from its slumber with a growing veil concealing the noisy ravens […]
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Poem, by Michael Gause

My good friend Michael Gause was kind enough to share this poem. The wisdom of oak and a hunter’s rhythm tobacco, sweat and that patience rising like dust to join low creek fog, the sunrise just beyond

Poem – Random Thoughts #2

Oak holds up the changing sky. What is beyond insanity? At what point do we lose the essence of self, cascading into another state of being, plunged into the darkness that is nothing and everything? And with each turn the city of industry hides, changes, destroys what I previously knew and where I came from.

Trail Building and Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year for building trails through the woods.  Most tree leaves have fallen, the intense underbrush of summer, including small trees, weeds, and tall grasses, have wilted.  The trail emerges and you can more easily find where you left off the previous fall.  Passing by birch, pine, oak, and maple […]
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Poem – Black Swan

Emerging from the prairie and the ancient oak roots. numb, cold, senses fall away, the threads loosen, bonds stretched, there is light out there, somewhere, but here, where I stand, the shadows gather and meander in tight patterns around my feet and over my head, into the canopy, and cold infiltrates each layer and as […]
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From the Outside

(1) Flowing from cement into the gutters glistening under the morning sun we are not alone the mind turned inside out presents the hidden secrets and crevasses to the environment and the last thought or image is taken within to be remembered forever. An outsider sees no difference cannot determine the source the entity that […]
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Old Oak Tree

Photo of a majestic and haunting oak tree.