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Poem – Across The Sea

Across the black sea I see nothing with these eyes and I stand here not as I see myself and not as I desire to be but as the being accepted by the water. Across the see littered with fragments I am but a whisper cast from mountain tops. I hope with every last shred […]
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Photos from Lutsen – 04/13/16

Photos from Lutsen – 04/12/16

Poem – Standing on the Edge

Standing on the edge of the mountains I have built I am alone and yet my content fills the valley. Shadows cross my eyes and in the that moment waves of snow and ice fall upon me from the heavens. I slept that night on the peak as the sky cleared and the crystal horizon […]
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Poem – Here and Now

(1) As the sun sinks into the grey water we watch one year become another from atop the cliff over the white valley. (2) As we run beneath the rising moon, the moon becomes us and we become light. (3) To the normal routine one year has passed and another arrived. To the natural world, […]
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Poem – The Eye

Across vast distances of land and sea the road is lonely, the conversation sparse. In the furthest stretches of the soul we feel alone and cast eyes to the emptiness up ahead in the future and look back to the past wondering how we ended up here but we are greater than what we see […]
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Poem – Searching in the Wasteland – Part 1

I see you across the distance a face not known yet I feel a connection and I would follow you but the space elongates. I woke walking through an unfamiliar valley of overturned sand, the walls not earth but fragments and rusted steel reminders of a history of time forgotten now unearthed and the memories […]
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Poem – Voice

Through the open window a voice whispering garbled words drifted in with the autumn breeze filled with the sea. Through the morning light reflecting off floating dust I walked to the window overlooking the center of town. Empty fountain, streets, and cafe tables sat in the mountain shadows. In the distance a church steeple rises […]
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Poem – Stain

If I pull back the thick fog they still consume my eyes. If I run into the water and let go, let the waves push and pull me as I fall toward the floor, they consume my conscious thoughts and what was empty and calm becomes clouded and my next actions are in conflict to […]
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Poem – Rain

Those thoughts the ever-present past the overgrown fields the moments we do not allow ourselves to forget to let go washed out to sea.