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Stepping Into New Light

Three-months have passed since I stepped into a new day, awash in Minnesota morning light. This would be the first day free of layered obligations and responsibilities. Stepping into that light, I became acutely aware that the road ahead was not straight and well-lit; was no longer paved, marked with signage, and known so well […]
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Poem – Searching the Earth

Surrounded by more questions than answers the day continues the race from yesterday. Searching the earth for clues, a sign, some semblance of another part of ourselves, perhaps one that has answers, one that has been down that path before. We scrape the dry hardened ground and find nothing. Hands steeped in dirt the afternoon […]
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Poem – Who am I?

With the lazy moon early in the morning I opened the door into the waiting darkness and startled my shadow hiding near the trees. I ran toward where I thought it was and dove trying to catch a piece a fragment of this image of who I thought I was.

Random Thoughts

Fall has taken over Minnesota and what on average are the hottest days of the year, has become 50s and rain. A taste of early fall perhaps, and then a head-first plunge into winter, my favorite season. As I have written about before, cold weather, and in particular winter, is when awareness of ourself becomes […]
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