Tag: black

  • Poem – Black Water

    Across streets lined with promises and desires through baseball diamonds and strawberry fields the black water reflects the new moon and the promise of tomorrow’s stars.

  • Poem – For Now I am the Winter

    For now I am the winter beneath the mask revealed beneath the cold water of the sea. Eyes open to the sky above the surface breath held time slows as snow flakes float. The sea cradles my limp body carries me further into depths away from the forming ice. The sea floor echoes. For now…

  • Poem – Black Wolf

    In dreams the black wolf enters the room and I sleep while it quietly cirlces the bed I awake in sweat and tears and while the room is empty I smell what left, what circled, and I know he visited. Again.

  • Dreams, part 1

    I do not often remember dreams, but when the occasion presents itself, they are one of two things: a repeat of a previous dream from years ago, or something freaky or scary.  This morning’s dream involved one of the creatures from either Predator or Pitch Black.  It was dark on some desolate planet.  Three of…