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  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 2

    We hike for hours, having left the flat fields, the trail twists and turns toward a peak overlooking a wide valley filled with trees past their peak. The valley empties into a lake filling horizon with what is discarded, what is no longer useful here, to be dispersed out to sea into the cosmos. Darkness…

  • Poem – Fields (continued as the lantern disappears)

    Fields 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (1) Shining brilliantly through grey fog hugging the soaked ground the light I cannot see is there in my mind, there in my eyes. Fading snow cover reveals the field I have been searching for the field anchored by one lantern surrounded by ten-thousand trees. “Pick up the lantern…

  • Poem – Voice with no Voice

    The last drag taken slowly the cigarette fading beneath the black sky free of clouds and moon. The last puff of smoke masks the face of an unknown man desiring anonymity as he watches from a distance. He cannot bring himself to emerge from the shadows as the pain courses through his body and his…

  • Poem – Moon

    Silent clouds reveal the moon and the still water absorbs the light. Behind the moon the tree line casts shadows across our faces as we listen to distant coyote cries.

  • The Dream That is the Big Lake

    Testing out some new gear and setting up a tent in preparation for the next trip to Alaska.  Of course, being on the big lake and my need to be close to the water, I always get wet and nothing like the sun to take care of the drying. Another beautiful fall day on the…

  • Poem – Ode to the Moon

    Dear sweet moon – staring at me when I stumble out the door at 4am. Your gaze and presence the cyclops of the morning sky providing a lighted path through the dark tunnels.

  • Poem – I Touched the Moon

    The other evening under an August sky a faint Orion stood tall next to the moon. I wrapped my arms around the softness felt ancient love, a timeless longing. I touched the moon

  • Poem – Here Not Here

    I was there and I was not there. Letting go of reasons and questions I weaved in and out of the space out of the chaos… I saw light… Over and beyond the trees wavering, floating. Nothing moved except the light and my physical self operating on instinct, synchorized with the mind through a fragile…

  • Poem – Black Water

    Across streets lined with promises and desires through baseball diamonds and strawberry fields the black water reflects the new moon and the promise of tomorrow’s stars.

  • Poem – The Orange Sky Burns

    Poem – The Orange Sky Burns

    The orange sky burns cloud timbers graying and ashen purple smoke escapes the embers, blue sky becomes more rare succumbing as the fire spreads from the horizon toward the moon and venus. Columns of fire support the sky upon a platform of gray clouds between each blink of an eye the boundary, a division, moves…